Choosing to put a loved one in assisted living or anyone else’s care, to begin with, is a difficult decision for many. Although we would all love to personally care for those close to us, it is not always manageable with our lifestyles. Kadima Healthcare Group recognizes this struggle and strives to provide the best living solution for your family member, helping you feel at ease with your decision and creating a family-like environment for your loved one to feel supported, where they are able to live life on their own terms. 

What Services Does Kadima Healthcare Offer?

First and foremost, it is essential to recognize the varying levels of support that Kadima Healthcare Group offers. Each assisted living facility provides two main options: short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing care/long-term care. Short-term rehabilitation is aimed towards individuals who want to get back on their feet quickly and return home. These individuals usually include those who have had strokes, surgery, or some other medical instance. Kadima Healthcare works with these patients to develop a personalized plan, updated throughout their progress, to help them live independently again. After completion, the staff helps these individuals transition back into their homes and checks back in on them in the following weeks.

Skilled nursing care/long-term care is offered for those diagnosed with a prolonged illness or chronic condition. Kadima Healthcare provides the necessary resources, therapy, community and treatment for these individuals to live safely. Whether one arrives at Kadima Healthcare on their own will or on their family’s wishes, each individual involved with the process can rest assured that the patient will get the caring community they need.

Kadima Healthcare provides 24-hour nursing care for all of its residents and always has a physician on call should any need arise. It is difficult to predict when this help will be needed, which is why each facility emphasizes the importance of present staff. Each of Kadima Healthcare’s locations is also a close-knit community, equipped with a caring team of trained staff treating each member like family and knowing each resident by name. This makes the adjustment to life at Kadima much easier for new residents.

In addition to these services, Kadima Healthcare also offers optional therapy for those who need it, an open invitation to friends and family to visit, customizable days for each resident, a comfortable room and appetizing meals. At Kadima Healthcare, each service is intentional, as they are meant to enhance each residents’ experience and help them live an independent life surrounded by the care they seek.