Having to quarantine during the pandemic necessitated daily life changes for millions. Staying confined indoors and separated from loved ones was disheartening for many. But, during that time, many found products designed to make the emotional and physical discomfort more manageable.

Lumen Metabolism Tracker

Working out became a routine practice during quarantine for folks desiring to alleviate stress or to simply keep up with a normal regimen. Serious fitness enthusiasts find the Lumen tracker helpful in gauging their efforts. Users merely supply a breath to enable the device to measure CO2 output. The unit then determines whether more carbs or fat are being burned by displaying the results on a scale of one to five. Use the tracker first thing in the morning, before and after workouts and after eating to monitor metabolism.

Hangover Prevention Patches

Many frustrated individuals undoubtedly decided to eliminate cabin fever and quarantine stress by turning to their favorite alcoholic beverages. But, all too often the hearty party comes with unpleasant results. Akalo designed a unique solution in an attempt to eliminate the morning-after misery that commonly occurs after an over-indulgent night. Frequent consumption or binge drinking has been associated with B vitamin depletion, which has also been associated with contributing to hangover symptoms. Before the next party, try applying a patch, which infuses users with an ongoing dose of vitamin B1.

Valerian Nights Tea

Components of the Valerian plant have been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of medical maladies that include insomnia. Stress and anxiety have been known to interfere with normal sleep patterns, which hinders cognitive ability and physical performance the following day. Ongoing sleep problems have also been shown to contribute to various serious medical conditions. Quarantine participants relayed that they experienced a better night’s rest by using a few techniques and enjoying a cup of Valerian tea.

PSO-Back Massager

Stress and tension held within the body have the potential to create a variety of physical symptoms, which include back pain. The portable massage mat is constructed of ABS plastic and is designed to provide a deep tissue massage to either side of the spine or a hip. Users merely lie on the mat and apply as much bodyweight pressure as desired for optimal effects. Researchers share that they achieved back pain relief in as little as 10 minutes.