If you are tired of standing in long pharmacy lines or sitting in congested drive-throughs waiting for your prescription medications, then prescription delivery services may be a great help to you. You won’t even have to follow up on your refills in advance!


Like other internet-assisted delivery services, medication delivery companies are becoming increasingly popular and probably reached their peak during the pandemic. However, after witnessing the convenience, many customers have continued using them long after the stores reopened.


But, are these services as reliable and safe as they claim to be? Let’s take an in-depth look:


The Two Types


There are two distinct types of medication delivery companies. The first is the type that run as a branch of your pharmacy. National pharmacy chains like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, and grocery store pharmacies have all started drug delivery services. It is also likely that local drug stores have similar programs.


These services give you the peace of mind of going with a name you trust, without having to spend the time driving to the store and waiting around for your pills.


The second option is trying an online pharmacy that saves you money by eliminating the middleman retailer and offering lower prices as a result of selling medicine directly to the customer.


There are quite a few of these operations that have become breakout competitors in the online drug delivery market. PillPack, by Amazon, and GetMyRx are definitely some of the more popular choices.


PillPack not only delivers your medication straight to your mailbox, the company also sorts and separates pills into packets to assist those that take daily prescriptions. Each packet is labeled with the names of the pills inside and directions on when and how to take them. This means never having to worry about skipping medications or dealing with complicated dispensers and trays.


GetMyRx works as an on-demand pharmacy that fills and delivers prescriptions by working in conjunction with local drug stores that can provide the medicine on the same day. It is completely covered by Medicare.


Amazon also has a new service, titled “Amazon Pharmacy,” and that means that you will be able to get medications delivered right to your doorstep by a sleek blue truck. And, if you’re a Prime member, your even guaranteed free shipping in two days or less.




If you have any concerns about drug delivery companies, in the United States at least, you can check with the FDA website to ensure that a company’s products and services have been approved.


If you are worried about sharing your credit card or banking information with an unknown website, look for the “s” after the “http” in the site’s address in your computer’s address bar. The “s” guarantees site security when dealing with financial and private information. Don’t use any sites that only have the “http” by its self.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The primary advantage, besides convenience, is buying in bulk, allowing you to save money. You may save money on 90-day scripts rather than purchasing 30-day scripts three times, if such quantities are offered, and many services have done just that.


Also, the automation of your delivery means never forgetting to pick up your refill before running out of pills.


However, the cost may be a disadvantage as well. You will need to pay shipping or delivery fees that can be avoided by driving to the pharmacy.


Another issue is that many insurance companies do not cover the lesser-known prescription delivery service businesses.


In conclusion, it all depends on your needs and budget to determine whether a prescription delivery service is right for you. However, now you know enough about these companies to make an informed decision.