While it is important for every business open to the public to keep things clean and sanitized, it is much more important when operating a healthcare practice. Buildings offering medical care see patents that are sick or have weakened immune systems every day. It is your job to ensure that everyone entering your practice can safely get the treatment they need. The only way to do this is with proper cleaning practices. These are the three things you must keep in mind to keep your healthcare practice clean.

Create A Plan

It is generally a good idea to clean the entire practice at the end of every business day. This is especially important for the high traffic areas and surfaces that are regularly used. Areas of the practice that are rarely used can be cleaned less often. Stay on top of the cleaning by creating a detailed plan. This plan should contain a cleaning schedule and the products that need to used for every area of the practice. The soap used to clean a carpet will not be very effective on chairs or counters.

Keep Yourself Safe

You are cleaning rooms and surfaces that have been used by a large number of people. There is no telling what these people have been exposed to before visiting your practice, so it is vital to keep yourself safe while cleaning. Make sure to wear personal protective equipment as a precaution when cleaning. Follow the safety protocols on all cleaning products. While you will be wearing gloves the entire time, it is still recommended to thoroughly wash your hands after you are finished with everything.

Use Disinfectant When Needed

Disinfectants contain strong chemicals designed to kill bacteria. These products are so strong that you likely will not have to use them on daily basis. It is up to each healthcare practice to determine the best disinfecting schedule. If you learn that a patient or employee has been exposed to a contagious illness, then you need to immediately disinfect the entire practice. Ultrasonic waves, UV lights and other alternative disinfection methods can also be used.