Elder care facilities are always on the lookout for new strategies to create top notch environments for their residents. In addition to superior medical oversight, assisted living facilities must consider the dietary needs and overall comfort of the current and prospective residents. Creating a feeling of “at home comfort” within assisted living communities has been one of the most successful developments in recent decades. Here are a few ways to make new residents feel at home.

Offer Independent Living Units

One of the most important ways to make loved ones feel at home is to surround them with items that are familiar and comforting. Assisted living facilities that allow residents to bring items from their home, including small pets, find a much higher level of resident satisfaction. Community managers establish safety protocols to ensure accidents are kept to a minimum. Residents who are able to function independently can be placed in small apartments that feature all or most of the amenities of home. Here, residents can prepare meals, entertain, and enjoy their privacy while still remaining close to adequate medical support.

Keep Similar Routines

Retirement and assisted living communities function best when they offer a wide range of voluntary activities in addition to the required medical appointments and food services. One of the most effective ways to ensure community residents feel at home is to help them keep their normal daily routines. For instance, if residents enjoy a spa day or round of golf, make those outings available on days and times of their choice. Providing transportation to and from recreational activities is a vital step in keeping residents happy.

Make New Memories

Connecting with other residents within the community is a great way to make residents feel at home. The transition from home to an assisted living facility may not be easy, especially if the idea did not originate with the resident. Help loved ones make new friends and find activities they enjoy by encouraging them to create new memories within their assisted living facility. Friendships forged within these communities spark creative ideas and increase energy levels among the elderly. New friends and activities will also keep them active, which improves their physical health and mental attitude.