Getting enough water is very important for your body to function properly. It can help maintain a healthy blood pressure and electrolytes balance, regulate temperature, and promote cell health. It can also help prevent various diseases and conditions. However, it can be hard to keep up with the demands of being hydrated. Here are some ways to drink more water.

Understand your fluid needs

Before you start drinking more water, it’s important to understand how much water your body needs. A common recommendation is to drink about 64 ounces of water daily, equivalent to 8 cups. However, this is not based on science. The National Academy of Medicine suggests that women should drink about 90 ounces of fluid a day, while men should drink 125 ounces. It’s important to remember that your body’s needs can vary depending on your activity level, health status, and location. For most people, drinking to quench their thirst is enough to meet their needs. However, if you work outside, live in a hot climate, or exercise regularly, you might need more water.

Set a daily goal

A daily goal can help motivate you to drink more water. It can help you make positive changes that will last. Having a goal can help keep you motivated and make you more likely to reach your goals. To achieve your water intake goal, consider the following criteria by using the acronym SMART, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. For instance, a daily goal of consuming 32 ounces of water can motivate you to reach it. Having a goal can also help keep you motivated and make you more likely to reach it.

Purchase a reusable water bottle

Having a reusable water bottle can help you drink more water. It can be used anywhere you’re going and keep you hydrated even while you’re running errands or at work. Having a bottle can also help you keep track of your water consumption, and it can remind you to drink more. Reusable bottles are also more eco-friendly than single-use plastic ones.

Replace other drinks with water

One of the easiest ways to boost your water intake and reduce your calorie consumption is by replacing other drinks, such as sports drinks and soda, with water. These drinks are filled with added sugars, which can negatively affect your health. To maintain optimal health, limit your added sugar intake to less than 5% of your total calories. One 8-ounce can of soda a day will exceed this limit. High-sugar diets are linked to various conditions, such as heart disease and obesity. Replacing sugary drinks with water can help you lose weight.

Before each meal drink a glass of water

One simple way to boost your water intake is to drink one glass of water before every meal. This will add an extra three cups to your daily water consumption if you have three meals a day. Drinking water can help your body determine if you’re hungry and can also help you lose weight by reducing the amount of calories you eat at the next meal.

Get a water filter

Although most tap water in the US is safe to drink, there are some people who have concerns about the quality of their water. If you have a problem with the safety or quality of your water, you might want to consider getting a water filter. There are various types of water filters that can be used for different budgets, such as whole-home water filtration systems. A water filter can help remove lead, arsenic, and other harmful substances from your tap water. These devices, which are attached to a faucet, can also reduce the levels of bacteria in the water you drink. Water filters are typically less expensive than buying bottled water, which is typically the case.

Flavor your water

If you prefer not to drink typical water because of its flavor or need a boost to drink more, you have many options. One healthy alternative is using an inexpensive water bottle with a fruit infuser. Some popular combinations you can use in this type of bottle include lemon, strawberry-kiwi, and cucumber-lime. Although you can purchase water enhancers in liquid or powder form, you should be aware that these products may contain artificial or added sugar, which can harm your health.

Average about one glass of water per hour

If you work a standard 8-hour day, drinking one glass of water each hour can add up to around 8 cups of water to your daily intake. To ensure that your water intake is consistent throughout the day, fill up your cup immediately after you get to work and drink the remaining water.

Eat more foods high in water

Eating water-rich food is one of the easiest ways to boost your water intake. Some of the most common water-high food items that you can eat are vegetables and fruits, such as lettuce, melon, and tomatoes. These vegetables and fruits have high levels of nutrients and minerals that can help promote a healthy and long life.

Before bed and after you wake up drink one glass of water

One of the easiest ways to boost your water intake is by drinking one glass of water before bed and another before you go to sleep. Having a glass of cold water before bed can help you wake up and feel more alert and keep you from having bad breath and dry mouth.

The bottom line

According to the National Academy of Medicine, most people need to drink about 90 to 125 ounces of fluid per day. However, it can be hard to maintain a consistent water intake due to various factors, such as being busy, forgetting to drink, or not liking the taste of water. Having these 12 simple tips can help you reach your daily fluid goal.