Appetite, diet, weight control, exercise – they can quickly become too difficult and overwhelming to address all at once, but the great news is that there are a plethora of small changes from which you can choose to achieve your results much simpler and with even greater success. For many, losing weight has been a constant, life-long struggle, and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, is a never-ending battle.

Luckily, this journey does not need to be difficult or painful. If you incorporate even just one effective change into your daily routine and stick with it, the outcome will amaze you. In one instance, a man who had been drinking more than a 2-liter bottle of soda per day decided to give it up entirely. He lost 20 pounds, his blood pressure came plunging back down, and he found that he was no longer as bloated, sluggish, depressed, or unfocused as he was before he quit.

Soda and other forms of sugar are some of the most challenging things for people to avoid; however, doing so can change and perhaps even save your life. Giving up sugar is just one option, but there are countless others that may work better for you.

Tips for Weight Control

Create a Plan with Goals

Writing out specific goals (target weight, exercise plans, etc.) and hanging them up where you can see them every day can be a surprisingly effective method for keeping you encouraged and focused. You may want to start a weight loss journal to track your progress, and you could also consider snapping a “before” photograph as well so that once you get moving along your journey, you can look back and actually see how far you have come.

Stay Active

Without over-exhausting yourself, of course, try to move around as much as you can throughout the day. Find opportunities to walk, run, climb stairs, ride a bicycle, dance, do jumping jacks, or anything else that you can squeeze into your plans.

Drink Ample Water and Hydrating Fluids

Simply put, your body is a machine that runs on fluids. You can become dehydrated alarmingly quickly, and it can cause countless hindering side effects, so be sure to always drink sufficient amounts of water, especially when sweating.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Walking, swimming, and dancing are a few of the best forms of exercise for both your body and your mind.

Spend Time with Active Friends

Motivation and action can be very contagious.

Never Give Up

Every day is a new beginning, a fresh start, and another chance for you to succeed. Even just a few steps in the right direction still move you closer to your goal.

Above all else, never forget that anything is possible with the right state of mind, and one tiny change can produce tremendous life-changing results.