The health and wellness industry has been drastically changed in the face of COVID-19. We have the obvious challenges of hospitals needing to accommodate more people and clinics needing testing kits on hand for the foreseeable future, but the need for social distancing has changed so much more than that. Let’s take a look at just some of the COVID-related changes that have likely changed the health and wellness industry forever.

Working Out At Home

Perhaps the biggest change brought about by COVID is the need for people to stay home. While we’re not under any mandates requiring us to stay out of public spaces, people are still spending a lot more time at home now, and that has affected everything from the way we do our shopping to the way we exercise. People who liked to spend a lot of time at the gym have had to find new ways to work out at home. Sales of home gym equipment have skyrocketed, while brick-and-mortar fitness centers have started to offer classes online via Instagram Live and Zoom. Whether or not online fitness classes will be the new normal once people will be able to return to gyms in large numbers remains to be seen, however. It is more likely that online and hybrid classes will be an option for those who would still rather stay home.

Virtual Doctor Visits

Trips to the doctor’s office didn’t stop when the pandemic was at its worst, but people understandably did not want to go someplace where they would likely be surrounded by other sick people. That is why so many physicians and therapists started seeing their patients virtually. While some treatments obviously need to be done in person, patients can still ask for advice and complete quick checkups over Zoom or other videoconferencing software.

Becoming More Health-Conscious

Before the pandemic, the health and wellness industry had a reputation of being focused on the wealthy. While there are still products and services that still seem to be more accessible for those with a higher income, people everywhere have become more mindful of their health, which has made a lot of services more accessible overall. There is a greater focus on mental health and ensuring that everyone can see a therapist online when they need one, masks and other personal protective equipment can be found just about anywhere, and there is a greater effort put towards encouraging people to take care of their health overall. It’s hard to say if these efforts will continue or if people will be more mindful of their own health when this is over, but they are definitely changes for the better.